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40 years of Engineering Services



Engineering Services:


·        2-D and 3-D Design, Detailing including electronic file organization

·        Design, Build, and Installation of Machinery and Related Equipment

·        New Facility Design Layout and Installation of Manufacturing Systems

·        Design Improvements on Products that are Manufactured or Assembled

·        Design of Custom Pick-and-Place Transfer and Conveyor Systems

·        Procurement, Integration, Installation and De-bug Manufacturing Equipment

·        Project Management of Machinery Installation and Facility Start-Ups

·        Customer Proposals and Project Feasibility Studies

·        Computer Skills Training in 2D-AutoCAD and 3D-SolidWorks


Prototyping Services:


·        Design and Build of Machines for the Manufacturing and Packaging Industries

·       Complete Prototyping from Concept to Installation at Customer’s Site

·       Advancing Prototypes into Multiple Production Modules


Fabrication Services:


·        CNC Milling Operations (also conventional milling)

·        CNC Lathe Turning Operations (also conventional turning)

·        Welding of CRS, Aluminum, Stainless, and Plastics

·        Sheet Metal Laser Cutting, Shearing, Breaking, and Painting


Safety Services:


·        Supplier of Safety Guarding Equipment

·       Redesign of Existing Safety Equipment and Controls

·       Upgrade to Current Safety Standards as Regulations Change



Professional Achievements


·        Creative Engineering Concepts introduced to upgrade stagnate manufacturing processes

·        Extensive Solid Modeling Concepts, Designs and Detailing for Customer Products

·        On-site customer presentations of Automated Equipment, Processes and Marketing

·        Research and Development of Prototype Machines for the Fiber Optic Industry

·        Prototype Mockups of Machine Modules to maximize design integrity before final build

·        Update Manufacturing Processes for customers to optimize profitability

·        Reduce labor cost for customers with automation of existing manual processes

·        Designed and Built Start to Finish Elastic Bandage Manufacturing Machine

·        Designing and Building Prototype Machines for the fiber optic cable industry

·        Cost efficient redesigns of machines to maximize efficiency and profits

·        Control and reduce time to build machine, install, debug and to delivery to customer 

·        Designed and Built most advanced Coloring Machine for Fiber Optic Industry

·        Designed Automated Electrostatic Lubrication Equipment for Powdered Metal Presses

·        Invented New Vacuum Cup with Internal Check Valve for Manufacturing Use

·        Designed Custom Mechanical Robot End-of-Arm Pickup Tooling

·        Designed and Built Prototype Motors for Black & Decker Power Tool Company

·        Managed and Budgeted Numerous Manufacturing Upgrade Projects

·        Increased Permenant Magnet Motor Sales $5 Million Per Year Due to Unique Prototype Design

·        Designed Automated Equipment to Insert Magnets into Injection Molds for Over-molding

·        Designed Prototype Machine in Manufacturing of the Dodge Viper Tail Light

·        Designed Prototype Plasma Glass Depositing Machine for Fiber Optic Manufacturing

·        Designed Prototype Assembly Machine for the Corvette ABS Control Relay Module

·        Managed Teams of Designers and Detailers for Numerous Projects

·        Designed and Built Indy Car Showroom Paint Booth for IRL Walker Racing

·        Project Management of complete installations of turn-key systems in customer facilities

·        Designed, Installed and Debugged paint finishing line for Huffy Bicycle Company

·        Designed, Installed and Debugged automated paint finishing line for Batesville Casket Co.

·        Built Prototype Robot for the Application of Phosphorous onto Glass Tubes